Moisturizing Shampoo 16 oz
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5 reviews

Specially formulated for frizzy and curly hair, this luxurious moisturising shampoo cleanses your hair and...

16oz Leave-In Moisturizer
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2 reviews

Moisturise your hair like never before! Enriched with apricot kernel oil, apricot kernel extract and...

Intense Moisture Conditioner 16 oz
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The perfect companion to your shampoo! Formerly known as BANA, this deep conditioner is...

Hydration Discovery Set 16 oz
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7 reviews

Having a hydrating hair routine is essential for maintaining the health of curly hair...

Moisturizing Cream Butter 16 oz
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1 review

Give your natural curls some love with our moisturising curl butter. Its ...

Protein Cream Butter 16 oz
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Formerly known as KÉ, this creamy protein butter provides very dry hair with the right amount and ...

Hydration and Protein Discovery Set 16 oz
+ Quick access
4 reviews

If you're looking for a protein hair care routine, this discovery set is for you.

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