AFRO, CANDLES, ETC | Complete Hair Care Guide

Product description

A handy e-book to learn how to know, care for and love your natural curls!

Do you struggle to create an easy hair routine to get visible results? Do you know how to choose the right products for your frizzy hair without spending a fortune? Do you spend hours searching for answers to questions about your own hair on 1001 blogs and YouTube videos?

These are the real tips that helped Esther Nelsa grow beautiful frizzy hair. That's why she's created this guide to the tips that have worked for her and thousands of other black women.

This e-book is divided into 12 easy-to-read sections and has lots of pictures to help you understand all the concepts.

"I wrote this guide to share with you what really helped me grow my frizzy hair fast and to save you from the hair mistakes that cost me too much time and money. We all have the potential to grow long, healthy hair with the right actions and tools!" - Esther Nelsa, blogger and author of Afro, Curls etc.

This e-book is available in French only.

  • 2nd edition, revised and expanded!
  • 12 sections, 123 pages
  • E-book format (PDF e-book with instant download)
  • The best tips for maintaining frizzy hair
  • Simple method to create your hair routine
  • Easy hair styling and recipe ideas

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