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Healthy Hair Duo Set (NI & KAI)

Product description

Because healthy hair from root to ends promotes growth, our Healthy Hair Duo Set features a nourishing oil serum and hydrating spray, formulated to replace vital nutrients lost to hair breakage.  

This unique set of 2 products will help heal hair damaged from dryness and shedding. When used together, it is like giving your hair a daily deep treatment.  

The spray infuses hair with moisture and nutrients, delivering intense hydration right down to the follicles, resulting in smoother, stronger hair that is easy to manage.  

The nourishing hair serum complements the spray by moisturizing the scalp and roots, stimulating follicles, while adding volume and shine. Together, they help fight against breakage, enabling your hair to reach its full potential.  

Used together, this duo helps thicken the hair shaft, allowing your hair to reach its full potential.

Key benefits

  • Two simple steps to promote healthy hair and scalp
  • Nourishing formula from root to ends
  • Enhances thickening of hair shaft
  • Helps repair damaged hair



This duo is made from herbs and essential oils. In case of known allergies to these ingredients do not use or consult your doctor for approval.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with neurological problems (epilepsy) or serious health problems and children under 5 years of age are not recommended to use this duo because it contains essential oils.

Consult your doctor for approval or use the products at your discretion.

Our ingredients

Our ingredients

Key ingredients of the nourishing serum: 

Sunflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil

Key ingredients of the moisturising spray: 

Rice bran oil, olive oil, broccoli oil


How to use

2 to 3 times a week 

  1. Spray on the scalp 
  2. Apply the nourishing serum 
  3. Massage the scalp to increase blood circulation.


Many things can cause significant hair loss such as hairstyles that cause tension, medical problems, poor nutrition or body dehydration. It is therefore necessary to validate with a health professional that the hair loss is not related to one of these causes before using any products. To find out if these products are appropriate, take our quiz.

Not necessarily, If hair loss is due to any of the above causes, you are unlikely to see a reduction in hair loss.However, by using the duo, the hair will be strengthened and nourished.

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    Nadeige J.
    Canada Canada

    Very good

    My hair is less dry! Let's continue

    Gina B.
    Canada Canada

    It goes very well with my hair

    Caroline L.
    Canada Canada

    Great product

    I loved the products

    Rebecca G.
    Canada Canada

    Great duo!!!

    I love this duo! The spray allows me to moisturize my protective hairstyles and I have also noticed hair growth when using these products especially with the serum.

    Rose A.
    Canada Canada

    An extraordinary service

    Very satisfied with the products no surprise the texture the smell and especially the service just WoW continue your good work

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