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Royalty Kids Set

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The Royalty Kids Natural Care Set contains 3 products specially designed to create a simple hair care routine for children, whether they are 2 months or 6 years old! This set contains:

  • 1+2 - 2 in 1 Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
  • 3- No-rinse moisturizer
  • 4- Curl-defining blown gel


2 in 1 Moisturizing Shampoo is a specially formulated formula that washes and conditions at the same time. Ideal for our little ones, it gently cleanses children's hair without dehydrating it, and revitalizes the shafts by giving them the nutrients needed to keep them healthy. After washing, it leaves hair in beautiful, soft, shiny curls. 

Leave-in moisturizer nourishes hair with moisture and special nutrients to make detangling easier.

The curl-defining blow-dry gel helps define dazzling curls for our little ones. With its formula specially designed for the fine but curly hair of our princes and princesses, it leaves no residue and does not break the hair.

This set makes it easy to detangle your children's hair, define curls, and moisturize hair for a healthy, full-bodied look.


    Key benefits

    • Hair routine in 3 quick and easy steps
    • Suitable for children of all ages
    • Safe formula based on plant-based ingredients
    • Provides moisture for easy detangling 
    • Helps soften and smooth hair
    • Helps define curls
    • Detangles hair for easier styling

    How to use

    • STEP 1 and 2: Apply shampoo to your child's scalp. Wash the hair, concentrating on the scalp, and then continue on the hair shafts. Then rinse, allowing the lather to gently clean the rest of the hair.
    • STEP 3: For best results, apply leave-in conditioner while hair is wet so it can absorb and hold in the moisture.
    • STEP 4: Apply the curl hydrating butter cream to the length of the hair. The styling cream acts as a barrier that protects your hair and helps prevent dryness.


    This simplified routine contains only 3 steps.

    The duration for the process is shorter so the routine time will not take long. Because it detangles hair on its own so after the first few uses, subsequent uses will be easier. Try to make it fun by including your child in the routine, either with a doll and she does the steps, or by having your child participate in applying the products to her hair herself.

    You have to try it to find out, as each hair type absorbs products differently. If this is the case, use a light oil to seal in the moisture.

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      Magali N.


      I have two daughters with beautiful frizzy hair, but I couldn't figure out how to properly moisturize and wash their hair. The Royalty brand has come to seal their routine. I am a hairdresser and I know a lot about afro/cray hair and frankly, I don't regret my purchase. We are waiting for a hair mask for kids

      Magheisha R.
      Canada Canada

      Game changer

      I have been looking for products like this for 5 years. My eldest daughter has/had dry brittle curly hair. After the FIRST use of Royalty kids, my daughters hairs are now hydrated, much more malleable, no more fuss and tears for wash day, completely incredible products. I will NEVER change, NEVER ❤️

      Canada Canada


      Very satisfied with these products for my two year old. I recommend those for everyone who wants good products / low chemical and quality.

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